Mariadb password problem

My maria-db will let me login using user root with a blank password or any password, I have tried changing the password and flushing privileges, also tried mysql_secure_installation and changing the password that way and it still allows me to login with root and blank password.

I have never had this issue before on earlier whonix and regular debian os, has anyone else experienced this and how did you resolve it.

I could have been that smug unhelpful person who posts a link to lmgtfy . com or even gave you a sermon on how Mariadb problems have fuck all to do with KVM or Whonix (the truth), but out of the infinite kindness of my heart I sympathized with your hardship.

Try this muh boy!:

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Thank you very much, I really do thank you. That’s had me tearing my hair out for two days.

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