Major Vunerability on WinRAR

Dears, found a not fixed major vulnerability on WinRAR


So be carefully…


Good day,

That is actually not a WinRAR vulnerability. It is a long fixed vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, 3011443 to be specific, which a guy on seclist did misinterpret as a hole in WinRAR. It caught media attention and was copied to other “publish exploits platforms”. Such a thing actually happend quite a few times already as some who post on seclist are rather inexperienced young kids who are focused on the specific program they encountered an expolit with, rather than looking into the bigger picture.

More on this here: http://rarlab.com/vuln_sfx_html2.htm

Have a nice day,


OOOPS, thankz so far for my big Solution. Makes me Happy. Thank you.


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