Mailing List Malfunction

@fortasse Haven’t been receiving forum-related emails for a few days. Anything to do on my end?

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Hi entr0py

I haven’t been receiving forum emails either.

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I don’t see any logs of email bounces for you guys. However, the last mail either of you should have had from the forums was Oct 11. Do you have specific messages you’re missing that you think you should have? I can look deeper in the logs if I know what I’m looking for.

That’s the problem. I’m subscribed to receive emails per posts. Recent posts haven’t been generating emails. My settings don’t appear to have changed.

HI fortasse

I have my preferences set up to receive emails for every post ( like enr0py ). I should have received an email for every post since Oct 11 but have not.

It looks like the notification / digest message queue got stuck. I gave it a kick, and it looks like the mails are flowing again. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for bringing it to my attention!

EDIT: Oh, shoot. It looks like I unintentionally spammed you guys with the backlogged notifications. Sorry!

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Thanks @fortasse !

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