Long Wiki Edits Thread


in this wiki:- https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Support&stable=0

in section:- Got No Anonymous E-Mail Address?

i have upgraded the emails link to more reliable anonymous centralized emails services (also replaced sigaint since its down, with Portonmail.onion link)

Which e-mail provider is more adviseable, protonmail or lavabit reloaded?

diff: https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Support&curid=475&diff=31014&oldid=29276

Any comments?


Could anyone help with the following please?

Anything worthwhile to salvage there?

Could you parse the existing discussion, which changes are minimally required, request these changes or even better, make these changes?

With DispVM stuff, it might be better to avoid the effort and to wait for Qubes R4?

New page, unfinished:


This may sound more friendly and constrictive than https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle. Do you think https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle has room improved to look at this from that angle as well?


Nil comments.

However, once Protonmail provides Thunderbird desktop support for the masses, this has to be the easiest solution by far.

I think it’s still in beta at the moment.

Also, Protonmail Tor address + Desktop integration has to be a reasonable second-tier option for people wanting to use PGP encryption, without all the many steps to create their own key manually etc, and should be reflected in the wiki eventually e.g.

“Although not recommended by Whonix, users who want a quick and easy (but less secure) method of sending end-to-end encrypted emails can…”

Yes, avoid all DispVM discussions until Qubes 4 stable is out. Too many changes.

Re: anything worth salvaging for the Whonix wiki, not so sure about that:

  • Why are they doing pull requests with references to factually incorrect / dodgy advice on stackexchange?
  • Why are they referencing multiple instances of Tor Browser stuff from Stackexchange, this is already addressed in various area of the Whonix docs i.e. more secure options?
  • Tor Browser without Tor seems a peripheral issue (how many are really going to use it?).
  • “no remote” options introduce risk for convenience. Not worth pulling into Whonix docs IMO

The author should change refs to Whonix wiki references instead or something else authoritative e.g. Tor Project links.

Re: Ledger Hardware Wallet - will have a look.

Re: Free Support Principle - yes, the wording is not great. The whole page needs polish (and I’m sure you’ve got more than one testimonial Patrick).

“Got No Anonymous Email Address?” is awkward too. Better would be “Creating an Anonymous Email Address” etc.

Haven’t gotten onto finishing off Advanced Security Guide yet - been trying to make the wiki pages “prettier” with warning/info boxes etc and general edits here and there.

  1. Add instruction on how to use Anon-Connection-Wizard to configure bridges.
  2. Add meek bridge related information.



Configure default or self-obtained Tor bridges in Anon-Connection-Wiazard.


Add instructions on Tor bridges configuration:


Add instructions on how to configure proxy in anon-connection-wizard:



Add instructions on how to configure proxy through anon-connection-wizard on tunnel page:

  1. Normalize font size on that page.
  2. Add instructions on how to configure proxy through anon-connection-wizard on tunnel ssh page:


-> Done

Re all Iry’s additions above & template stuff, I’ve also edited all of them.

This is the next job.




About the link format only, please see this:



Thank you so much for your helping me revise all the posts, @torjunkie !

I have reviewed all your changes, trying to learn more on how to edit Wiki in a more professional voice. :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing your idea on this question? The tips I poted in this Wiki doc is also what I used in the Anon-Connection-Wizard. Do you think it would be preferred to use what you have edited in Anon-Connection-Wizard, or it would be more user friendly to stay with the old content?


Thank you very much, @torjunkie !


Thank you very much for pointing this out, @Patrick !

It was my mistake. I have also revisited all the other recommended practices in the doc. I will be more careful in the future. :slight_smile:


Support page

-> Done.

Except you need to add more testimonials, I’ve seen a fair bit of praise over the web for Whonix. e.g. Ed Snowden tweets showing he is using Qubes Whonix:

Edward Snowden Verified Account

Tor & Whonix are integrated into Qubes. twitter.com/Cridmo/status/…
7:06 AM - 29 Sep 2016

World Wide Web and Your Privacy

-> Almost done.

It just needs updating for Facebook and Twitter, since all that info is 8 years out of date and I don’t like JonDoNym’s folksy writing style.

Also I don’t like the title. Better would be “The Internet and Privacy Concerns” to match the TOC. “Web” and “surfing” terms used here and there in documentation is so 90s. Better is “Internet” and “browsing” (maybe search & replace is in order).

Hi Iry,

I was just editing for spelling, general sentence structure etc. Most of the docs have been edited to remove “you”, “your” etc, so just minor stuff for the sake of consistency. Up to you / Patrick whether it’s accepted or not. :slight_smile:


I was just editing for spelling, general sentence structure etc. Most of the docs have been edited to remove “you”, “your” etc, so just minor stuff for the sake of consistency. Up to you / Patrick whether it’s accepted or not. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, @torjunkie ! I will think about this :slight_smile:


Nice pseudonymous changes (most likely by @torjunkie) were made lately on these pages:

On https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Documentation these are listed under Modern Privacy Threats. If I remember right, a while ago we agreed to pack some of these pages together / or to restructure those. (That is the 4 pages mentioned above.) Please feel free to change them bodily. These were historically/initially mostly imported from third party sources and may be out of date and whatnot. I also don’t mind about renaming these pages.

How to split them… Not sure… Into important/overview/non-technical/politically convincing pro-privacy case and all the technical stuff? Or all in one? There is overlap here and there so not easy and I want to prevent bikeshedding.

Btw there was also a study that has shows that the people who said first and/or most “I have nothing to hide” were the first ones changing their previously perfectly legal behavior to a now different (perfectly legal still) behavior, i.e. these become less critical. If you know / could dig up / add that, would be cool.


Guilty :slight_smile:

Not finished with them yet.

I like your idea of moving stuff around/consolidating, and I’ll look for that research too. Not sure about best way to shift it around, but it shouldn’t be too difficult - a little repititious right now across those entries.

Just gotta find more time…


Could you please kindly check the new defeating advanced Wi-Fi device tracking entry under https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Comparison_with_Others#Hardware_Serials?

(In case anyone is wondering why issues are added to the comparison that no project is solving: to draw attention to everywhere-unsolved issues by any readers.)