Long Wiki Edits Thread

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These tools produce a lot of:

  • false-positives,
  • user non-actionable items, infeasible development, requiring major development effort which apparently nobody on the internet is working on,
  • are non-applicable (only in enterprise environments and not applicable to single / end-user computers).

A links to a number of such tools and with comments on their output can be found here:

Such as for example:

Feel free to mention it in the documentation. Anyone should feel free to research, contribute to such tools to provide less false-positives, better warning messages or even to the security of Debian, Kicksecure, etc. But unless providing solutions / development contributions, it’s not worth posting about this in the forums.

http://is-not-my.name is offline. So lots of links and the instructions are broken.

Can that wiki page be kept or does it need to be archived? @HulaHoop

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new wiki pages:

Please archive. In the minute chance mixmaster is ever maintained or resurrected, this can serve as a staring point for enthusiasts or maintainers.



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new wiki page:

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