Long Wiki Edits Thread

Yes, I agree. Needs all to be condenses / reorganized.

Deleted under general information.

Wish list: Could you please turn the new stylometry documentation into a wiki template? So it could be reused on the related


Btw related:

Some other minor stuff…

At the top of Combining Tunnels with Tor it’s saying Combining Tunnels with Tor. The wiki markup for that is:

title=Combining Tunnels with Tor
|description=Instructions on how to combine tunnels (VPN, SSH, proxy) with Tor. (User -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Internet) (User -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Tor -> Internet)

So we have `Tunnels/Introduction` as well as `Combining Tunnels with Tor`. That should help search engines to find relevant content as well as users to quickly see what the page is about.

Long story short, perhaps you would like to use the stylistic utility of `title=` every now and then.


The top level chapter of https://www.whonix.org/wiki/System_Hardening_Checklist currently is ` System Hardening Checklist`, which seems redundant. Perhaps got any idea for `title=` and `description=`?

As for `image=`, @TNT_BOM_BOM is our expert for that who will be looking for Libre Software licensed illustrative images. We could create a forum thread or ticket for any missing `image=`. With or without suggestions on what would suit as image. @TNT_BOM_BOM will see to it eventually.


https://www.whonix.org/wiki/System_Hardening_Checklist is awesome. A short summary was really needed. Helpful as reminder. People can check what they know and/or already did and check out topics they don't know yet.

Could you please mention keystroke fingerprinting, https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Metadata and  https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Surfing_Posting_Blogging#Anonymous_Photo_Sharing? Please keep the security list as short and concise as currently so we won't one day require a checklist for the checklist. :)


Fixed. Plus watermarking with anonymous doc sharing.

Stylometry Template → Will do.

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I forgot Software - Kicksecure exists. Do you think it should be moved, merged or linked somehow?

⚓ T677 research and document secure downloads using Tor Browser could now be documented. (Secure Command Line / Scurl)

At first glance, it’s probably just easier to merge it and have a link from the software entry to “Secure Downloads” (since most of the software entry is short and sweet). Let me know if you don’t like that.

Should be easy to do with @HulaHoop 's research and mamarek’s input in that item i.e. 10 min job.

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PS (unrelated), I think you’ve been waiting for this 7 year old Tor bug to be addressed, which just got fixed → Ticket #1922 (torrc.d-style configuration directories)

Should be available in Tor 3.1


Sounds good!

@HulaHoop’s research is interesting.

Added to our HPKP ticket.

However, I think it needs to be documented there.

→ Fixed and added to Secure Downloads. Also referenced in Tor Browser downloads section.

→ Fixed and merged.


Back to Software Installations…

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Secure Command Line / Scurl nitpick:

Whonix users will frequently want to download files

That sounds strange to me. Some users might not download any files at all. Could you please rewrite that?

Made some changes to Secure Command Line / Scurl. Wishlist:

  • make it a template and reuse at Tor Browser Essentials
  • mention downloads from .onion should be preferred(although seldom available and link to Tor Browser Essentials
  • very briefly mention software installation apt-get (auto verification) and gpg verification (specifically important for executable files)
  • mention (link to) compartmentalization?

Please stop me if I over designing it.

All done → Fixed.[quote=“Patrick, post:226, topic:3477”]
That sounds strange to me. Some users might not download any files at all. Could you please rewrite that?

→ Fixed.

I think I’m due for a salary raise :smile:

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I haven’t finished with the main table of contents re-organization, the bottom half still needs some work.

But just chilling out for a bit to take a breather.

As an aside (all this talk of curl, scurl etc. was a reminder), as per that phabricator item (grep, code change), curl 7.52.1-5 is in stretch, so that should support tls v1.3 as you wanted i.e. as per man pages.

See here: Debian -- Error

Package: curl (7.52.1-5)

Since scurl and secure Tor Browser downloads are now documented, maybe those other x2 phabricators items can also be marked as fixed (?)

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I like the edited Whonix ™ Documentation a lot! Our content is getting into form.

Could you please add Secure Command Line / Scurl to Whonix ™ Documentation?

re curl --tlsv1.3: ah great, added it to the Whonix 14 TODO:
⚓ T609 check if curl has newer tls options than --tlsv1.3

Tickets closed.

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2) The remainder of the main Documentation page → Fixed.

I deleted three entries from “Advanced” that were repeated earlier or out-of-date i.e.

  • Chaining Anonymizing Gateways
  • Comparison of Proxies, Proxy Chains and VPNs
  • Download Security (out-of-date)

(Actually that last one could just be merged with the site security page, and deleted completely IMO).

I think it’s easier to find stuff and more logically ordered, although far from perfect.

I think the number of Advanced sections (now) suggests that perhaps they be shifted to an “Advanced Documentation” page.

That would shorten up that main page considerably and the geeks can still find the advanced categories easy enough.

What do you think?

Edit: Unfortunately, gonna be busy for a while (maybe extended).

So, I’ll come back to editing when/if I have time.

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Could you please edit Tips on Remaining Anonymous - a user understood “I can do it once”. “alternate” seems to imply “just don’t do this often”. My mistake. I chose “alternate” back then.

Well, we had two threads on that topic. Too long ago for me to remember what we concluded.



→ Fixed (I think)

→ Fixed with a suitable workaround (I hope).

Created collapsible entries so it looks like other Linux documentation. Increased chapter font size +1

Hopefully you like it?

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Documentation: Difference between revisions - Whonix @HulaHoop @Ego anyone, what do you think about this? (scroll down to see a preview)

I think the problem is, we don’t have an “expand all” button. Manually expanding all so then the browser built-in search function can be used is super tedious.

Thanks for the many “adversary” fixes! I didn’t imagine that many changes were required. Some of them introduced myself.

Thank you for all your work!

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