Long Wiki Edits Thread

Got a bug report.

Thunderbird 60.4.0 is incompatible with https://packages.debian.org/stretch/xul-ext-torbirdy

https://packages.debian.org/stretch-backports/xul-ext-torbirdy works.

Also the install torbirdy from torproject site vs Debian (backports) difference is not clear for users. The former looks much more involved and advantages of it are not immediately obvious if it is needed.


  • Most Security Recommendations aren’t actionable. Split and move to Tor Onion Services - ADVANCED?
  • Under Tor Onion Services - EASY in sub chapter Introduction we mention lots of unique, interesting items but new reader would be lost at hello. Not really EASY. :wink: And someone who never heard of onion services wouldn’t get from the introduction that servers/websites/etc. can be run with it.

The provider used in encrypted email with thunderbird chapter vfemail.net might need to be replaced?

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed your memembership!

As you may be aware, recently we were hit by another DDOS attack. Thanks to our friends at
New Continuum Data Centers, we were able to weather the attacks with minimal inteference. This latest
attack was against our incoming mail servers, which did cause some delays processing incoming email.
We’re actually in a really good position, technologically speaking, to diversify our incoming mail systems
across the globe - but we really need a healthy cash injection to get that going.

What that can do is provide upstream links that can be saturated in the event of an attack, without actually
affecting incoming deliveries OR access to your email.

If you haven’t already, please upgrade now to help us achieve this new redundancy goal. https://www.vfemail.net/cpanel

Due to low “free to subscriber” conversions, we may be ending free registrations.

The cost to create a new Copper account
would be $1. Part of this POSSIBLE requirement is the amount of effort and costs involved in cleaning up spam, RBLs, and upstream
rejections at other providers. Another reason is our Ad revenue has dropped dramatically, while our site usage has increased.
I will be ‘massaging’ the ads to try and improve our revenue there, but we really need your support!

Thanks - wishing you all the best in 2019!

Rick Romero


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sound good , a great good replacement is by using danwin1210:



New chapter added to troubleshooting. Low RAM Issues.



the main reason i’ve pointed to the torproject site is that it ensures the most recent version is installed and also provided ability to hack the plugin to get it to work seamlessly with thunderbird in whonix for key fetching. the key fetching issue has since been solved without requiring the code hack.

given the versioning issues with debian and thunderbird/icedove, enigmail and torbirdy, i’ve never found something particularly ideal. i’d prefer to have everything installed from the debian repositories. so, if backports is the same as torproject repos (which based on frequency of updates is likely), would it be preferable to add a backports repo to whonix for this purpose? certainly not opposed to that.


possible. there’s been a number of issues with various email providers recently. also, per @TNT_BOM_BOM’s post, have experimented with danwin1210 in past and it worked for basic purposes much like vfemail.



would it be preferable to add a backports repo to whonix for
this purpose?

Yes. We have a wiki template Install_Backports.

Thanks for doing all this. Tunnel pages are the most in need of edits and updating & cause constant forum requests (for years).


I am unable to upload image files in any of the three different areas I found. I get an error about not having permission to create new pages but I am not trying to create a new page. I have made macOS VirtualBox 6 instructions for Whonix (six PNG files ~80 KB each) and would like to put them in the macOS wiki and replace the Windows 7 graphics.

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Account required. Account name?

License of images?

https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md read and accepted?


|description=Use Tor Browser without Tor for enhanced security and privacy (tracking protections) compared with other browsers.

This could be understood as “without Tor leads to enhanced security and privacy” which would be BS.


|description=Security Hardened Browser - Use Tor Browser for Enhanced Security, over Clearnet (Non-Anonymously).

Shouldn’t mention “better privacy” perhaps since we have to disable private browsing to make use of some comfortability features such as selectively storing some login cookie or at least password?

Any better wording suggestions?

I don’t like the hyperlink numerous enhancements. Do you know a (more or less / updated) list of security enhancements by Tor Browser? @HulaHoop


Unfortunately nothing this detailed. The best option is to do a git diff between the TBB patch and upstream to see enhancements:


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Onionizing repositories will need to be updated when these patches hit stable. Mostly minor edits.

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VPN before Tor (Separate VPN-Gateway) has been updated.



Wasn’t very clear on this. Fixed?


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Without a failed closed configuration when VPN connection breaks down all traffic originating from the Whonix-Workstation AppVM (commonly called <code>anon-whonix</code>) would <u>only</u> be forced through Tor.

When a failed closed configuration is used and the VPN connection breaks down, all traffic originating from the Whonix-Workstation AppVM (commonly called <code>anon-whonix</code>) would <u>only</u> be forced through Tor.

Seems inverted logic.
Fact: with fail closed mechanism -> no leaks | without fail closed mechanism -> leaks

Currently it’s saying the opposite after the edit.

Am I right or misreading this?


90% sure this is no longer required since Whonix 14.

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