Long Wiki Edits Thread



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added D18 an alternative better PC than purism in here:

add vokoscreen which a video screen recorder independent DE package as an alternative to gtk-recordmydesktop which is a gnome dependent:

@0brand @torjunkie

The wiki is filled with KDE instructions which needs to be deleted/replaced with xfce or independent packages (which is preferable).

so can you do that or would you like a hand help with it?


I not sure the KDE instruction should be removed until it is no longer installed by default (deprecated). Even then users could still install KDE if they chose to so it would be a good idea to keep them. Maybe move them elsewhere (deprecated). However, that would be Patricks call. Regardless, if you want to add XFCE package instructions to the wiki go ahead. :wink:

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Well it is deprecated no?

Not possible , there are lines buried inside the wiki which cant be moving as a topic. Only easy way to handle them is to switch the instructions to xfce (as i mentioned above).

btw use @ then my name so i can get notified :wink:

Whonix 14 users who started with Whonix 14 KDE can still use it until Whonix 14 gets deprecated (which is 1 month after release of Whonix 15) which is hopefully shortly after Debian 10 / buster release.


Whonix 14 → Whonix 15 will most likely have instructions how to migrate/upgrade from KDE to XFCE (unless this is technically too difficult to figure out but expected quite easy).

So meanwhile both has to be documented.

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Btw we have Redirect Whonix-Workstation Ports or Unix Domain Socket Files to Whonix-Gateway - Whonix but it is unuused. ( ⚓ T544 systemd-socket-proxyd instructions template )

Maybe possible to use with tcp VPN configurations?

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I don’t know how that’s related. (Can’t do UDP<->TCP conversions.)

Who wrote https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Tunnels/Connecting_to_Tor_before_a_VPN&oldid=39935&diff=cur?

‘’‘1.’‘’ Clone the whonix-gw-14 TemplateVM and name the new clone <code>whonix-gw-14-vpn</code>. For instructions on cloning Qubes-Whonix TemplateVMs, See: [[#Multiple_Qubes-Whonix_TemplateVMs| Multiple Qubes-Whonix TemplateVMs]]

I don’t see how this is needed.

‘’‘2.’‘’ Create a new Whonix-GateWay ProxyVM based on the newly cloned template. Name this VM VPN-Gateway and set the Whonix-Gateway TemplateBasedProxyVM (commonly called <code>sys-whonix</code>) as NetVM. Make sure to check [:heavy_check_mark:] the box for provides_network.

Why would a separate VPN-Gatway be based on Whonix-Gateway?

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new chapter:
Tips on Remaining Anonymous

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Since stream isolation is disabled i thought i would be possible to use.

That was me. Got VPN-Gateway and Whonix-Gateway a little mixed up in my head.

I"ll fix.


Would likely degrade anonymity. Some kind of:

User -> Tor -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet

If that would even work.

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What would be interesting though is a VPN-Gateway based on

Although unlikely to make major progress anytime soon.


Thanks for working on those pages! More Please! :slight_smile:

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Created https://whonix.org/wiki/Template:VPN/Setup/Support_Requests

Figure this will be helpful i.e. save us a little time.

Let me know if its OK and I’ll add to the VPN wiki pages.

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It’s great!

Small note: Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ was supposed to be only for anonymity/privacy/security concerns such as 70 signatures not checked due to missing keys. So I can stop spending time on explaining technical details to and calming non-contributors thereby stalling development.

If users don’t apply Free Support Principle; or otherwise expect higher efforts from us than they’re investing; or experience other issues perhaps even legitimate bugs… If we don’t want to answer there… Not sure… Perhaps just not answer. Or a different FAQ link.

Free Support Principle was one major step in time management for the user support side. Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ was another major step in time management for the development side. I wonder why I didn’t get the idea earlier. If you see other steps that can be taken to improve time management please let me know.

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Probably 85% of the answers I’ve given I find by using the forum/wiki search engine. It not that difficult. Non replies are definitely in order for users that are constantly asking for support but put zero effort into finding their own answers imo.

This will come in handy.

No problem. I was thinking about cleaning up Free Support Princuple a little bit. (Not replacing content, just organizational) And perhaps add a few more links to offsite documentation.


Template:VPN/Setup/Support Request added to:

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@ryjorny are you still working on Whonix ™ for macOS: Download and Installation?

No problem, the simpler the wiki is the more users we will have. It can be a steep learning curve.