Livecheck script is broken

/usr/share/livecheck/ reports persistent mode even if disk is indeed read-only in KVM.
In previous Debian bullseye-based Whonix it worked fine.

After some testing, I found this:

  • it does this command sudo --non-interactive /bin/lsblk --noheadings --all --raw --output RO and searches for 0’s
  • if it finds any 0 it says persistent mode
    • the --all flag to lsblk causes loop{0..7} devices to be listed - not sure what they are, but they weigh 0B so probably some virtual devices that shouldn’t be checked.
    • indeed, it always reports 0 for these and wrongly says it uses persistent mode even if vda and vda1 are read-only.

Not sure where to report this, but here you go.

Duplicate of: