Live Xubuntu traces

Hello, great forum I was wondering about live OS… like xubuntu, ubuntu, kali LInux… when these sistems are used in Live mode (’‘try without installing’’), do they leave traces on the PC they are used?
I red about the fact that if the SWAP is ‘‘ON’’ ( mounted ) they could leave some sort of trace.
Is that true?

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Usually, they should only be copied into your RAM, although it is always recommended to use an OS specifically designed for amestic use if you want to leave no traces.

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It could happen when you don’t use an OS Designed to hide it’s traces.
That’s why Tails does the following :

Tails takes care not to use any swap filesystem that might exist on
the host machine hard drive. Most of this is done at build time:
the /sbin/swapon binary is replaced by a fake no-op script, and
live-boot's swapon option is not set.

for reference :