Listing the needed contributors

i was just thinking to make a list or table of the needed contributors and how many we need in each field. for example:-

position |contributors

kvm | |hulahoop| | | |

the remaining empty spaces | | is showing how many contributors needed for this position of contribution; and so on for the rest of the needed places, like:-

whonix live DVD | | |

mean no one. the table is similar to the table of downloading whonix.

because i think if we dont list our needs then we dont know what we need. true different places mentioned “contributing welcome” but not in one place.

also it is a motivation for the one who will read about whonix and even if he has very narrow knowledge about linux/whonix . but when he c an empty space which needed to be filled with a name, psychologically maybe he will say " i hope my name will be mentioned in this list". tho this is not necessary way of thinking like i have mention it but it is possible.

so what do u think?

Yes. That could be useful. [Most important / big] stuff from https://phabricator.whonix.org/ is not well visible.

Perhaps add such a table here?

yeah true , phabricator looks confusing for the new users. so adding it in whonix wiki is the best thing to do. that link looks fitting the subject.

List created:

awesome , going to spread that in my area. thnx

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