List/document Whonix' Tor Browser Modifications


from the documentation it is not clear what modifications Whonix makes to Tor Browser that make it distinguishable by a visited website when compared with a stock Torbrowser configuration.

One example:
It appears to be the case that Whonix version of Tor Browser disables JavaScript by default
but that is not mentioned here:

I believe it would be better to keep the configuration of Tor Browser shipped by Whonix as similar as possible (except for example required changes like the SOCKS proxy IP) because the Whonix user population is presumably significantly smaller than the overall Tor Browser user-base.

Could you minimize or at least document the changes you make to Tor Browser?


We don’t have code for that, we are not doing that.

Documented here:


This is already the case now.

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Tor_Browser_Functionality_on_Different_Platforms may also apply for your comparisons.

thanks for the prompt reply and the pointers I’ll look into the issues then, to find out what is causing this

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