Lintian error for sdwdate-gui / missing xml files for specific desktop environments

I’m currently giving a Whonix build with Xfce a try. Target is KVM at the moment. I always get a lintian error: “sdwdate-gui: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/sdwdate-gui-qubes”
Since the package is likely only relevant for Qubes I just continue the build. @HulaHoop in the 1150* build script the xml files are copied but when building specific flavors like KDE, Xfce, CLI … it will look for e.g. Whonix-Workstation-KDE.xml. These files are missing, so either they have to be added or the script needs to be changed to just copy the Whonix-Workstation.xml file like before.


Whonix/packages/sdwdate-gui must not be pointing to master since this is working in sdwdate-gui master.
Btw uploaded CLI-only version but did not test myself yet. Might not even boot.

The package also matters for Non-Qubes-Whonix /usr/bin/sdwdate-gui. sdwdate-gui is not super important for XFCE but hints that there could be outdated source code generally in use.

I broke that during the rename of the $VMNAME contents in most likely.

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Git tag created if you like to test.
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Yes that’s the best option. Thanks for your fix @Patrick