Let's discuss new VM themes

If anyone has suggestions for the default visual preferences for Whonix, please share it and let’s discuss and maybe vote for them.

I will start with a background suggestion for Whonix-Workstation. Click for full size image.

To create the same background, right click on the desktop → Folder View Settings

Wallpaper: Color
Background mode: Radial
First color: #0000FF
Second color: #00001F

Note that the cursor is also set to white.

Ideally Whonix would get its own custom wallpaper designed by a graphics artist that is really good and branded to Whonix.

But I agree that the current default wallpaper is no good. The blue vertical lines one.

Anon… Sorry but I think the basic blue color background is even worse.

What I like in Whonix 8 and switched mine to is the silver colored wallpaper seen in this image…

I’m quite happy with the current grayish theme and this silver wallpaper that comes with KDE.

It’s very clean and modern looking and doesn’t emotionally agitate me.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I’m not a big fan of my suggestion either,

I just showed that it is possible to create a modern look with simple settings, without using an image. Different color variations could be tested.

We need more people suggesting or producing new designs.

I don’t understand the fuss about the default look of Whonix. I don’t have a problem for Whonix to look by default like the main developer wants it to look. He’s doing most of the work, I assume he’s using Whonix himself on a regular basis as well, he has his own vision about the defaults. This is Linux, changing the defaults isn’t hard, because Linux is open to the user. Shall a need arise, there can be a wiki page with explicit step by step howtos about changing certain visual settings.

There is little to gain in such a topic besides split. Arguing arts is as promising to me as arguing music. There is no point by one who likes heavy metal and dislikes electronic music to argue with someone who likes electronic music and dislikes heavy metal music. No way to get some objective data, no way to proof what is better. I struggle with this kind of decisions outside of reason.

What would be a reasonable decision if there were 10 different proposals by by 10 groups with each 10 members?

Majority vote doesn’t work well in a community like this were most users are anonymous. Encourages multiple registrations and electoral fraud.

The most reasonable decision appears to me, that those people who contribute (most) are entitled to vote.

How to other projects get such decisions done? The thing that I observed is, that they update their theme every new major release.

Any other suggestions on the decision process?

There is no need to making any decisions until we don’t have actual suggestions.

New theme for new major release sounds good.

I have just one humble, tiny desire here. Please, let’s bring back the old + very unique, nice, gorgeous, brilliant :wink: box logo instead of the new “cheap VPN provider” logo :stuck_out_tongue: /me hides

EDIT: While this isn’t a “show off your desktop” thread, I’m sharing my current wallpaper with you anyways. http://bloodspit.deviantart.com/art/Lilith-228436532 (Google has a version without the watermark)

“cheap VPN provider”!? Haha. I love that little onion as the lock dial! But you’re right, all the vpn guys use locks…

ANYWAY, I’m moving the discussion of wallpapers here: