leap APT repository issue (third-party APT repository)

I am trying to install riseup on whonix but it gives this error
although I do nonroot the problem is not solved can you help me

[WARNING] [systemcheck] Debian Package Update Check Result: Could not check for software updates! (apt-get code: 100)
Please manually check:
(Open a terminal, Start Menu → System → Terminal.)

also when I do sudo apt get it gives this error please help

also gives this error
systemcheck] Hardened Malloc: Disabled.

Not a Whonix issue.

Either while adding the repository you made mistake or the repository is broken.

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I think using Canonical’s Snap on Whonix is indeed uncharted territory. I don’t use it anywhere, so I won’t be able to help much with this problem.

If you’re trying to just get the RiseUp’s VPN client working, you may be better off building the .deb package yourself. You should know though, before going any further, that using it on Whonix, is unsupported.

It’s probably possible to use the RiseUp’s VPN service with OpenVPN and there are some examples in the documentation.

how can I solve other errors and is it possible to install whonixe rise up vpn

Issue not caused by Whonix. Wrong place to ask.

Ask the provider of that repository.

Your sources.list file is simply wrong.

Try ask ChatGPT for suggestions.

I have been opening a topic in the forum for days, can someone tell me how to solve this error?

W: GPG error: Index of /client release InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1E34A1828E207901 LEAP archive signing key <sysdev@leap.se>
E: The repository 'Index of /client release InRelease' is not signed.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

Doesn’t seem so. Sorry to break it to you…

It’s not the job of the developers to help with very localized user support questions about third-party repository and software. Please don’t bug them.

Try to help yourself. Look up other examples.

Ask ChatGPT. Ask somewhere else. Ask LEAP.

Don’t assume this is the only way to get help. You’re limiting yourself. It’s highly unproductive for yourself since you get long waiting times without progress.

Sorry if it comes across a bit unfriendly but I don’t see any other way to explain Linux support in more diplomatic ways. Best of luck.

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Not an whonix nonroot problem issue. Maybe a Whonix upgrade-nonroot but I don’t recommend to invent abbreviations such as upgrade-nonroot to nonroot as this causes confusion.

The image shows literal string “release”. Which probably means that the sources.list file also uses literal string release. That’s probably invalid and needs to be an actual “suite” such as Debian


Depending on the availability of that repository.


  • A) The signing key is really outdated. Contact upstream. Or,
  • B) You followed some outdated instructions referencing an outdated key.

Unspecific to Whonix:

Needs to be resolved as per:

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