Lantern - Alternative Censorship Circumvention Tool - Warning

I stumbled upon the wiki entry for Lantern and did some digging. The wiki recommends it as a censorship circumvention tool but there should be a huge warning for using Lantern. This is so dodgy.

There is no documentation at all. The only stuff I could find is them saying it unblocks websites which doesn’t document how at all. They link to a Developer FAQ which is empty. There is an old version but the commits say this is extremely outdated.

They say they are based in Los Angeles but their Github repos, Twitter and Terms of Service have lots of chinese text.

Their github repo has thousands of stars and forks (even though it seems to be a small project) from what seems to be bot accounts as a lot have no activity whatsoever.

Their github account has hundreds of repos completely irrelevant to lantern.

Their privacy policy basically admits it is spyware. They log your IP, websites you visit, device IDs, files you have on your computer and much more.

They also link to a forum which doesn’t even exist.

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