KVM interface not user friendly

installed latest version of kvm, it showed:

This is how it will look like when booting it, this is fullscreen screenshot without cut.

well lets be honest with ourselves this is ugly introduction, which even messages like welcome to whonix , whonixcheck , swdate icon… quarter of the message showing or totally hidden like sdwdate,sound…etc icons on the right side.

user need to scroll left and right to press ok and understood message for whonixcheck or …etc

some may say use full screen mode:

well full screen will worsen the icon sizes , it will reduce its size like the entire screen will be shrink back.

so its better to find solution for this problem.

KVM specific issue , vbox doesnt has this issue.

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Auto resize has been broken for some time. I opened a couple of tickets upstream and they’ve worked on it before , but it isn’t fixed, I can’t do anything about it unfortunately. I’ve documented how to adjust the display resolution to their liking.