kswapd0 high cpu usage on Whonix 17

I downloaded Whonix 17 for kvm but if i start Whonix Gateway it loads my cpu on 100% on my host machine. If i login to Whonix Gateway and use top command it shows that the process kswapd0 is the one that is loading the cpu the most. What could be the reason for this? I didn’t have this issue with Whonix 16.

Low RAM issue?

Troubleshooting - Whonix chapter Low RAM Issues in Whonix wiki

Note: I am not a maintainer of Whonix KVM.

whonix gw kvm is on low ram mode by default, so if its using full ram (256mb) or only 1 core cpu (default) is nothing.

if you want to increase it though, feel free to do so.

The default ram value was set to 256mb, i changed it to 500mb and that lower the cpu usage.