Kiwix service for wiki

Kiwix is a service that provides website mirrors for offline use, such as where internet service is unreliable or censored. They offer this service for free for content that is under a free license.

A crawler comes through about once a month. Is this something you would be interested in allowing, @Patrick?

Not sure you picked the wrong word here allow as in permit.

To my knowledge, it’s already permitted. At time of writing doesn’t use technical means to stop that bot neither are there legal threats in place to prohibit this.

There is robots.txt.

But that’s about it.

Therefore already allowed.

If you wanted to suggest the Whonix project using Kiwix for creation of offline documentation the answer is no. Assumption:

I am operating under the assumption that Kiwix is a free in price service but the service itself being nonfreedom software. No source code available for public. Whonix project couldn’t run the code by itself and use that to generate offline documentation. It would have to rely on remote web service. Happy to be proven wrong on that assumption.


Trust: Whonix documentation is too comprehensive to trust any third party or any remote web service with offline documentary creation. It would be hard to check if any malicious advice was injected into the documentation. This doesn’t even need a malicious operator but another third party having compromised the web service would lead to the same issue.

Software Freedom: Whonix project as a Freedom Software project shouldn’t depend on a third party nonfreedom software web service.


Offline Documentation Discussion

Okay. The service is host to Wikipedia, stackexchange, and Archwiki among others, and seemed a good way to offload some cost of the Whonix project and grow audience.

I’ll not pursue it further.

What I planned to do (per instructions from Kiwix) is open a ticket on GitHub and have you write an email to the Kiwix org (per their wishes) stating your desire to be a part of their service.

Sorry. I’m not clear about what you want. Is this fine with you or do you want something else?

You can interact what that website as you wish. Just make sure to not speak in the name of the Whonix project.

Perhaps share the link to this forum discussion Kiwix service for wiki - #5 by anon1344380 because perhaps I am operating under a misconception and I would like to stand corrected if so.

In that case, for my answer related to that, see my previous post Kiwix service for wiki - #2 by Patrick starting from

If you wanted to suggest the Whonix project using Kiwix for creation of offline documentation the answer is no. Assumption:

until the end.

Your post inspired another approach to implement offline documentation without any issues as mentioned above. Created this post for it:
Offline Documentation Discussion - #81 by Patrick

Okay. Both Kiwix and I want the cooperation of the website owners for any content that I would “usurp” :slight_smile: I will have no dealings with them regarding your site.