Kicksecure Tor Connection termination after a few minutes

Dear support,

For some time now, on my Kicksecure host system, more or less the Tor connection is breaking down. Why more or less? Because it looks like the Tor connection is still up, but getting through to the Tor network is still not possible. Sometimes it is even stranger. The Tor connection in some programs on the host system still works, but when I try to update via upgrade-nonroot, I can’t connect to the update servers via Tor. The strange thing is that when I start the host system normally, everything works fine. Also the update via upgrade-nonroot. But after a certain time, maybe 30 minutes later, it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Also a restart of Tor brings nothing. Only when I restart the entire host system on which Kicksecure runs, it works again. But only for a short time. And then it does not work again.

I can’t make any sense of it at all. What is going on there? Do any of you know this problem and what is responsible for it? I am completely out of the loop on this.
Do you need any output from any program to help me, then please tell me, and preferably also with which command I get the output. Thanks!

best regards from gandalf

Check this: