Kicksecure - Security Focused Linux Distribution based on Debian - In Development - Feedback Wanted!

Hardened Debian would make a great introduction to Linux for Windows users who might want to try Linux out for the first time. Much of the documentation from the proposed "whonix-can-become-a-distribution-targeting-first-time-linux-users" project could be used for this. Maybe even combine the two projects for maximum usefulness? I think that would be very reasonable with some community contributions.

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We can’t call it Hardened Debian.
As per Debian -- Debian Trademarks a new name as to be found.

  • Use the Debian trademarks in their exact form, neither abbreviated or hyphenated, nor combined with any other word or words.

A new project name has to be found.

  • It shouldn’t imply anonymity anything.
  • We shouldn’t be watering down the Whonix brand by calling it WhonixClearnet or something. (That name would be a contradiction too.)


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Very true indeed no diluting the hard (pun unintended) earned recogniztion allowed.

There is always that pre-existing notion in many users mind when they encounter the term “hardened” . Clearly the efforts often stray towards the notion with a “kernel” centric focus.

I am pretty sure Whonix efforts continue to encompass more.
The first word or English adjective that came to mind was “enhanced”

Perhaps to add to the consideration, the other words include
terms such as fortified, or reinforced.

Would you smile if I think out aloud with Whonix Steel / Whonix Stahl or even Whonix Stalo (in Esperanto) :slight_smile:

Cheers !


I like that. Maybe someone could come up with a good acronym. For example:


Security Enhanced Linux Distribution

(Brought to you by the developers of Whonix)

I’m smiling :wink:

One possible issue is that might imply a “Steel anonymity distribution” . I think Whonix should be mentioned but maybe not in the actual name.


That’s a good idea. However both examples have google results already.

@0brand Wow SecLix that name when said real quick sounds cheeky LOL
@Patrick - WOW… indeed its high time we make SEO work to our benefit :slight_smile:

BTW… I was wondering if you and your entourage have already ideas on this effort become a darling template in Qubes as well. (No No but not as a HVM puhleese) Am I dreaming…? pinch me :slight_smile:

How about HaLos. Hardened Linux Operating System

Pronounce Hay-Low. The “s” is silent. :slight_smile:

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The thing is, can we get to google rank 1 after a while? I see halos already being used for other things.

VigorOS? as in Vigorous Definition & Meaning |


Thats just wont happen for new comers to GNU/Linux. its self contradictory statement because Windows is for noobs when they come to Debian needs alot of changes and when there is “Hardened Debian” thats requires even more.

But if hardened debian going to be so idiotic one based on newbies configurations just like Ubuntu then no need the headache , freshly minimized Debian way much better in this case. (and most likely wont be considered hardened anyway…)

What about LEDAR, Linux Environment Designed for Attack Resistance?

We can’t call it HardenedDeb or anything including Deb either.

Generally we don’t encourage any derivatives to use parts of Debian’s name in their name, as it increases likelihood of confusion that it’s an official product of the Debian Project.

That said, we are perfectly happy with derivatives saying true statements like “…, based on Debian” or “Debian based”.


Advanced Adversary Resistant Operating System

Sentient Linux


1 : responsive to or conscious of sense impressions sentient beings

2 : aware

3 : finely sensitive in perception or feeling

Trying to come up with a good acronym which uses ANTI-OS

Advanced. N. Threat. I. -OS

Haven’t gotten that far.

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ha! i like aaros. phonetically sounds like eris. :slight_smile:

What about…

  • Sec1Linux
  • 1st Security Linux
  • Security First Linux
  • First Security Linux
  • Supreme Security Linux
  • Securetty Linux
  • SecurettyOS
  • Securer Linux


A name was chosen:

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let’s hope it’s keksecure. :wink:

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Kicksecure landing / Welcome page

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Original post slightly updated.