Kicksecure™ resets date and time every boot

I am experiencing a rather bothersome issue after installing Kicksecure™ on a clean install of Debian Bullseye. Every time I turn on my desktop computer and boot into Kicksecure™, the date and time are reset to the same date and time, which I believe are the date and time of the original install. This means that I am unable to use the internet or connect to Tor so I can upgrade packages, and must manually correct the date using clock-random-manual-cli. If there is any information that would be helpful in resolving this issue, please tell me and I will try and retrieve it.

Kicksecure stable repository or any other repository?

Check using a non-Kicksecure (Debian bullseye) Live DVD (or any Linux Live DVD) if the clock is wrong and stays wrong there too. If so, that would be broken hardware clock and unspecific to Linux, Debian, Kicksecure. A hardware issue.

Check sdwdate log and consider sharing it here which can be easily accessed using sdwdate-gui.

Checking the date with a Debian USB showed that it was also wrong there, so I checked and saw that the UEFI date and time were incorrect, and correcting them solved the issue. Thanks for the pointer! (I suspect that it was always like this and that my previous operating system was storing a very large correction time.)

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