Kicksecure (not Whonix!): using /etc/hosts to block advertisements and trackers

What are your thoughts on setting a hosts file in Qubes and KickSecure as a security improvement? If you agree, I’ll note it somewhere. Looks pretty simple?

Example - Block ads and trackers via hosts file in Qube-OS


In NetVM

You can do this simply.
Grab a copy of the hosts file, and remove everything down to

Start StevenBlack

Copy the edited file to template, and add the contents to the end of
e.g cat StevenBlack_edited_hosts >> /etc/hosts
Shutdown template.
Restart AppVM

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I am personally not doing it. Using other implementations.

Sure, feel free to add. Not sure where. Until kicksecure.com goes public this might be confusing.

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