Kicksecure - List of Packages?

Was looking at and Is there a list of applications that will come installed and configured by default in Kicksecure?

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Please see anon-meta-packages/control at master · Whonix/anon-meta-packages · GitHub

Inside that file / URL search for

Package: kicksecure

For example you will find:

Package: kicksecure-dependencies-cli

Simplified (non-custom builds) everything listed under Depends: will be installed by default.

Currently for kicksecure-dependencies-cli that is:

Depends: bzip2, file, lsof, most, pciutils, strace, sysfsutils,
 less, haveged, jitterentropy-rngd, locales, apt-transport-tor,
 sdwdate, bootclockrandomization, timesanitycheck,
 timezone-utc, busybox,
 bash-completion, command-not-found, zsh, nano, wget, dnsutils, iputils-ping,
 apparmor-utils, apparmor-profile-anondist,
 firejail, firetools, firejail-profiles, iproute2, iptables, hardened-malloc,
 udisks2, secure-delete, sudo, net-tools,
 gpl-sources-download, whonix-repository,
 scurl, openvpn,
 usability-misc, menu, man-db, open-link-confirmation,

Other specifically notables (for users):

Package: kicksecure-desktop-environment-essential-xfce Depends on whonix-xfce-desktop-config which provides live mode indicator systray.

Package: kicksecure-desktop-applications-xfce

Depends: libexo-1-0, xfce4-terminal, mousepad,
 lxqt-sudo, policykit-1, policykit-1-gnome | polkit-1-auth-agent,
 p7zip-full, zip, unzip, xz-utils, unar, xarchiver,
 thunar, thunar-archive-plugin, thunar-volman,

Package: kicksecure-xfce

mupdf, ristretto,
sdwdate-gui, secbrowser, tb-default-browser,

Package: kicksecure-xfce-vm

Depends: non-qubes-vm-enhancements-gui,

zulucrypt-gui, rads, non-qubes-vm-audio

Package: non-qubes-vm-enhancements-cli

Depends: power-savings-disable-in-vms, shared-folder-help, swappiness-lowest,
 keyboard-configuration, kbd, acpi-support, console-common, console-setup,
 initramfs-tools, os-prober, grub-live | grub-live-boot, cryptsetup, zulucrypt-cli,


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