KGPG Not Working

There is evidently a long time bug in the program that causes it to fail on opening. Will the download verification process work on another program in Linux, and are there any directions for it?

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gpg command line is the only reliable tool. gpg guis unfortunately cause
more confusion.

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Well, with the wide-spread problem with kgpg, how should a person proceed to get the verification completed? Your thoughts? Are there command line steps? (Sorry for being ignorant about this process.)

Hi Patrick,

Can you recommend any other programs besides kgpg that can be installed on whonix ?


Could you describe or provide a link to this issue? I haven’t experienced any problems myself with KGpg.

Yes, it seems that detached signatures need to have a .sig extension to be processed by KGpg. Then, a double-click or ‘open in kgpg’ will download the public key and verify the file. There is no ‘verify’ or ‘decrypt’ right-click action. An .asc extension when force-opened by KGpg is automatically decrypted by default.

I find KGpg convenient for encrypting text interactively via clipboard + built-in text editor and for managing keys visually. However, I encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify files via command line.

You can install any gpg front-end that works in Debian. GnuPG - Frontends Just depends on how many dependencies you want to pull in. Seahorse is the default Gnome front-end. For the reasons I mentioned earlier, I prefer Kgpg.

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Thanks for the reply. that helps.

I know GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, but what does MUA stand for ?


mail user agent -> email client in plain English

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