keyboard problem - writing only numbers but no letters

Although on my xfce whonix I have set an Italian keyboard, while typing I can only write numbers without letters. Can anyone explain why?

change keyboard layout

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yes, I followed the procedure before asking for support but nevertheless it does not work, if I type a letter it writes a number.

ok problem solved, I restarted the virtual machine, now the letters work.

Despite having set my keyboard in both templates (gateway-workstation) in Italian, I can only type numbers at every reboot. I don’t understand why the setting has no effect and my keyboard is only numeric.

I still have problems with both templates. The keyboard, despite having been set in Italian, only types numbers.

No idea.

You could try to solve this as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

I solved this problem by making an exception to the SPYSHELTER firewall. It takes care of encrypting the keys on the keyboard, I accidentally set the crypto for virtualbox, this was the reason why I couldn’t set the keyboard on the gateway and workstation interfaces.

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