Keyboard not working inside kvm

I use virtualbox with Whonix on my host pc once that’s running I SSH into my dedicated server from there I’ve installed KVM virtual machine with Whonix which I access via a vncserver, the problem comes here.

Once I’m connected to my dedicated server via VNC I load KVM WHonix and it won’t pick up my keyboard strokes my mouse works fine but my keyboard won’t work at all, I know I could just as easily use another virutalbox as I tested that and it works but the point is to host a hidden service from the dedicated server and I think KVM would be more reliable for that.

I also tested KVM on my host machine after the issue arose and the keyboard works so I don’t think it’s whonix issue, maybe it’s a vnc issue but I was hoping someone on here has experienced this and found a work around. Right now I’m using a virtual keyboard for it and it’s so slow.

Just in case I can’t find a solution, how stable would virtualbox hosting a fairly popular hidden service be?

Unless someone has experienced this before, the next step would be to isolate the cause by seeing if you experience the same issues with plain Debian images (non-Whonix). If so, you can get help from the VNC people.

Also, there are other remote desktop protocols you can try, such as NX or SSH (X forwarding).

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