kernel built-in RAM memory test - parameter memtest=1 - enable by default?

Should we add memtest=1 to linux kernel boot parameters?

Quote https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.html

    memtest=        [KNL,X86,ARM,PPC] Enable memtest
                    Format: <integer>
                    default : 0 <disable>
                    Specifies the number of memtest passes to be
                    performed. Each pass selects another test
                    pattern from a given set of patterns. Memtest
                    fills the memory with this pattern, validates
                    memory contents and reserves bad memory
                    regions that are detected.

If it would find faulty RAM (such as one one of my test systems) it would add the following log entry (different timestamp):

[ 0.928178] Bad RAM detected. Use memtest86+ to perform a thorough test
and the memmap= parameter to reserve the bad areas

Among other less important output such as which address is faulty. The kernel would then reserve this memory so no application would use it.


  • higher system stability, less random issues and crashes
  • above log message could be detected by whonixcheck and/or systemcheck (this might become the name of whonixcheck ported to Kicksecure) and the user could be notified of the issue
  • perhaps even better security because with bad luck and a bit flip access could be granted where access should be forbidden?


  • slightly longer boot times (can’t notice difference in VM but a bit slower on host)
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