Keeping the workstation on while updating the gateway

i’d like to know if:

  • updating the gateway while the workstation is on could create any type of leak? (having closed all apps/sites on the workstation before)
  • is updating both vms weekly ok? or daily is truly needed?

my main issue is that if i have to turn on/off the workstation every day, i always have to re login to multiple accounts, which is a bit cumbersome

thank you


Not even needed.

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thanks for the reply
can you expand a bit? is there some type of killswitch that will block all traffic while updating?

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Xfce save session.

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I don’t have data handy to who the risk increase depending on how slow/fast updates are applied. Not all updates require restart. See needrestart in Debian.

This is also a general security question. Unspecific to Whonix:

Can be resolved as per:

thanks, i see that it re opens the apps
then if there is no chance of any leaks while updating i can at least keep the browsers open to avoid losing the login sessions