Kax17 Tor Still ok the use?

Hello Guys, I just wanted to ask your opinion on the Kax17 issue. My question is Tor even worth using since there is a big adversary that could be deanonymize users. Is tor still safe to use? because at one point you they had so much tor nodes running that you had a 35% chance of routing your traffic through them. Alot of people are going around and saying its the goverment that is using them since there is such a large amount of tor nodes its kind of concerning. I also wanted to ask how can we protect our selfs from this attack?

I don’t have a great answer to this. Whonix is a research and implementation project. Downstream from Tor. Simplified, we take existing stable components (operating system, virtualizer, anonymizer), latest understanding and pre-configure it. Should the constituents components of Whonix break down, then Whonix would break down as well and we couldn’t do anything about it.

Could you please redirect this question upstream to The Tor Project?

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