Kali over Whonix

Trying to pass traffic to the Whonix gateway from Kali (as a standalone AppVM) but am unable to do so. ip settings are manually configured from within Kali and traffic passes when using the default firewall vm but it will not pass over the sys-whonix VM (made sure to carefully update ip settings within Kali)


The following subjects are currently banned:

  • Anonymous pentesting
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  • Pairing Kali Linux with Whonix ™
    ** Reason: legal, liability
    ** Forum discussion: Kali over Whonix

Since Kali is purely designed for digital forensics and penetration testing, the likelihood it will be used for criminal activity is high if paired with Whonix.

On that basis, Whonix maintainers and the broader community shouldn’t be encouraging its use or providing “how-to” guides. This won’t prevent technical users from accomplishing this setup, but it limits legal liability for the Whonix project.

@Patrick - suggested this thread is closed & locked.

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