Just Need the Virtual Machine files....

Hello there guys!

I been user of whonix for a while now. Always updating the machines but I wanted a fresh start again. And I found that download area doesn’t have the virtual machine alone. I downloaded the installer for windows to find that it destroyed my Root OS.

The installer will install ANOTHER copy of virtual box. This messed up the virtual networks configurations and default open with of my virtual machines, etc. And uninstalling whonix will uninstall BOTH virtual boxes installations :frowning:

There is any way to just extract the virtual machines? or a download link for the virtual machines alone?


Oh, I found that if I go to wiki, then download, on the wiki there is links for the ova download. not sure if they are the latest but its something :slight_smile:

And OSx download has them too… ok … hahaha

It happened to me too. Initially I had VirtualBox with several machines (non-whonix). Then I used the Whonix installer, and my old machines were gone from VirtualBox. I later figured out the files are still there but VirtualBox doesn’t “know” them. I couldn’t import them to this new installation for some reason.
I had to uninstall Whonix, then uninstall VirtualBox, twice, then Install VirtualBox again, then import my old VMs, then imported the whonix .ova files instead of using the installer.

I think there should be a warning next to the Installer link for the case users already has VirtualBox installed (I’d avoid the installer completely but I guess it’s there for an easy start for those unfamiliar with VirtualBox).