JonDo with Tor browser: Unable to connect

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I tried to configure JonDo to work with Tor browser instead jondofox

If you want to use the Tor Browser for surfing → user → Tor → JonDonym → destination server, you have to change the proxy settings in Tor Button. start Tor Browser, open Tor Button settings, choose custom proxy settings, http port 4001 and leave all other fields expect no proxy for free. You can check if it’s working.

but Tor browser shows me “Unable to connect”
Did I miss something?

Using Tor browser instead Jondo (not considering permanent exit ip address) is more secure about fingerprint?


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Depends. Both have different security concepts, which is why it may be better to use JondoFox when having Jondonym configured as your exit. The TBB is more focus on making you seem like every other Tor user while JondoFox tries to stop any possible tracking. What is better is debatable and may differ from situation to situation.

However, the main question would be whether it even works when using JondoFox as the configuration may have a problem at some other point.

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I believe the Tor Button settings were removed. You have to go to browser preferences, advanced, network, connection settings. Tried it before. Furthermore you might need to disable Tor Button in add-ons (and in turn I am not sure what else that disables).

Tor Browser loses its largest advantage when used with traditional proxies, which is per-“tab”/domain circuits and cookies (first party isolation). Its design choices these days are largely based around it. Apart from the suboptimal user agent in Jondofox (which you can change), its cookie manager is much more suited to regular proxies than TBB’s generic slider, which you have to set to “high” if you want the same level of blocking that Jondofox does out of the box (but with less control) on a regular proxy.

I will give you that some quick tests around the web you can run do usually show TBB has a more generic fingerprint, however, but most of it’s due to the Jondofox user agent iirc.

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Last thing
To chain Tor with jondo ip changer, then
do I have to install only GUI on workstation?

Thank you

User → Tor → JonDonym → Internet