Java script

My question is about java script. I red that temporanley allowing java script a site could leak the ip. Is it true or false this thing? I mean when you ‘‘temporanley allow this page’’ in noscript menu are you vulnerable to an ip leak?

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read this:- https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Data_Collection_Techniques#JavaScript

tho , this question is not specific to whonix its better to be asked for tor community or noscript community.

also read javascript capabilities (FAQ) :- https://noscript.net/faq

Javascript generally doesn’t lead to IP leaks. And if it was, in Whonix would still be no leaks. Just JavaScript increases risk being attacked by javascript related vulnerability.

Is it possible with javascript enabled to know the hardware serial number of the deviceses in a pc? A site ususally requires javascript because it can grab so many informations about the computer is loggin in. Can also grab the serial number of the pc, such as CPU, GPU, and many other things. How to stop this?
Maybe with a Qemu virtual machine instead of virtual box, this can be blocked becasue i red that with Quemu you can change the hardaware serial number of the virtual components(such as cpu, gpu, sata) making it appear as a different pc. Is that true?

check this out

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