JasonJAyalaP, Occq, Cerberus, troubadour

Cerberus brought up the fact that we don’t really know each other well. I hope this thread remedies that.

Cerberus, you mentioned that you liked my language, tone, and friendliness. Thanks! I try to apply that to the wiki pages I’ve edited (though they be way fewer in number than I had originally planned) and the forum/github threads I answered and moderated.

At least half of my typing goes to emails between me and Patrick. After volunteering to help his English become more idiomatic, we discussed all sorts of relevant and not-so-relevant topics and discovered our complementary beliefs and thought patterns: Similar enough to be on the same page; different enough to challenge each other; then humble enough to accept defeat.

Since then, we’ve bounced many ideas off of each other, and I’ve offered the best analytical clarity I can to such an ambitious project. Though we do feel like old friends, Patrick’s memory fails him when he remembers me from 2011!