JAMI (a comms client)

Dear fellow WhoNIXers :slight_smile:

Season Greetings (I love it when people brave & hold it in their spirits to cherish the holiday mood as the festive season draws closer despite the gloom and forlorn mood that threatens or tries to consume us..)

Has any adventurous/curious soul stuck their little toes or even kick the tires with the client called JAMI within WHONIX / KICKSECURE? Please share your thoughts or impressions.

Here is a blurb on its features from its git -
JAMI Client featureset

What is Jami?

Jami is free software for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users.

Its main goal is to provide a communication framework and end-user applications to make audio or video calls, send text messages and make generic data transfers. It makes this possible via multiple paradigms: a modern decentralized approach using a DHT to find peers or classical centralized SIP as a soft-phone. The domain of usage is not limited to physical users, it also includes integration with connected objects (IoT).

Available on all major platforms, this free software project is led by Savoir-faire Linux - a Canadian/Quebecois GNU/Linux consulting company - and is supported by the global community.

As a free software its sources are licensed under the GPLv3+.

Install JAMI -

sudo apt install gnupg dirmngr ca-certificates curl --no-install-recommends

curl -s https://dl.jami.net/public-key.gpg | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/jami-archive-keyring.gpg > /dev/null

sudo sh -c “echo ‘deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/jami-archive-keyring.gpg] Index of /nightly/debian_10 ring main’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jami.list”

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install jami

TIA and I hope to hear about your experience etc.
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slphone/ring/jami/whatever name this month, is a total wreck crypto wise and therefore not recommended

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Thank You HulaHoop :smiley: and also for pointing out the various discussions elsewhere concerning Jami and its checkered history. :disappointed: There seemed also a noticeable silence by its owner(s) in redressing the various salient concerns over the years. In contrast, its “promotional” message on the surface is written/crouched in a manner which “appeals” to the uninitiated.

Thanks again for affirming my reservations :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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