Jabber on whonix?

Hello I just registerd.
And I need some support cause I’m still a greenhorn.
I’ve heard it was possible to install jabber on whonix workstations If it is anyone got any guidance for me on how to do that?

Not recommended.

You are better off with any other IM client that supports OTR than Jabber.

How come its not recommended?


Jabber/XMPP is a server-federation-based protocol designed with openness in mind. Its security depends on you making good use of OTR as you can never be sure if servers are properly encrypted between each other. Privacy with Jabber is limited, as it is visible to various kinds of attackers who your account is talking to. Tor only helps to pseudonymize your account and hide your current location, but your social graph may still expose your identity. For a good operational security guide on chatting anonymously see The Intercept’s article.

Systems which do not require a server by design, i.e. serverless instant messengers are likely better from a privacy point of view. Such systems are #RetroShare and #Tox.

I thought you said Pidgin my bad.

Jabber is the federated protocol and its OK as long as you have an IM client coded in a safe language and you are careful when creating your account to avoid linking it to your real email/name.

Ricochet will be supported in Whonix 14 and is the better way to communicate because there is no server involved to record metadata if the service provider is untrustworthy.

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Better OTR than Jabber? Looks wrong. These are different things. You can use both, OTR over Jabber.

That was a typo, it seems I was confused that day and read Jabber to mean Pidgin.