Its "TOR over TOR"?

I plan to use this chain:
I2P (on remote dedic) → Whonix-Workstation (on remote dedic) → Whonix-Gateway (on remote dedic) → sys-ANOTHER-vpn (on remote dedic) → sys-firewall (on remote dedic) → sys-net (on remote dedic)→VNC to remote dedicate server → Whonix-Workstation → Whonix-Gateway → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net

I’m using Whonix-Gateway twice here. Once on a remote server, a second time on your laptop. Will it be called “Tor over Tor”? (whonix .org/wiki/DoNot#Refrain_from_.22Tor_over_Tor.22_Scenarios). Do I understand correctly that such a scenario is not recommended by the TOR project team? Thanks

Ask them.

I’m asking this here because I’m planning to use not just a TOR, but a Whonix-Gateway

Tor over Tor is not recommended. You’re over complicating things

After 6 hops any more hops you add is just going to slow you down and not improve privacy much.

You’re asking research level question (which I am not sure any researchers have looked into yet) at place (Whonix) that is “merely” an integrator of Tor. That’s why I am trying to redirecting it.

Please always try to remove the Whonix specific part.

In this case you could do that by substituting Whonix-Gateway for a different, custom Tor “transparent proxy”.

[1] terminology: [Tor Transparent Proxy](Stream Isolation chapter Transparent Proxy in Whonix wiki)

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