Issues with onion service authentication

I’m having issues with onion service authentication. When I enter the private key it gives me an error “command filtered”. I have downloaded the 1.auth_private key from the server run the command sudo anon-server-to-client-install 1.auth_private in the gateway, and reloaded tor but I’m still getting the error

As said in telegram just now.

on Whonix-Gateway:

sudo journalctl -f -b --no-pager -u onion-grater

onion-grater/40_onion_authentication.yml at master · Whonix/onion-grater · GitHub

Try this:
onion-grater: a Tor Control Port Filter Proxy

I am not sure this can be made to work. I failed to implement this.

Only @JeremyRand comes to mind who might be able to fix this. Not sure if he’s up for hire?

do you want the output?

After running sudo onion-grater-add 40_onion_authentication it doesn’t give the “command filtered” error but the box disappears and I’d have to reload the page, which then asks me for the private key again, and this cycle repeats