Isn't this a very solid reason to use Tor -> VPN?

People keep saying how combining Tor → VPN is redundant, but will we just ignore the fact pretty much any mainstream websites with registration block Tor nodes?

So for cases where people want to set up Qubes-Whonix as backbone to have Tor funneling the base layer connects and just adding last hop of VPN to access mainstream websites - what would be the best approach for doing this?

We don’t have a good answer to this except:
Tor Browser Essentials chapter Bypass Tor Censorship in Whonix wiki

See also:

So proxy is a solution?

Is there a guide on how to set an added Proxy hop in Qubes-Whonix?

From what I read setting up a VPN hop is riskier and more complex.

Only this:

and the linked pages.