Is wrong Clock on host system making my sdwdate or Tor fail in Vbox?

I use vpn and not my actual time zone on my computer. And I have read that that is not a good idea in general and that sdwdate fails at boot are bad. So my question: Is sdwdate failing at boot because my actual time zone is wrong? I have always restarted it to work.

Second question: Is it bad idea to now change my host system clock to be correct after such a long time using a wrong one in regards to whonix?

Read the sdwdate log.

You’re creating a mess with inaccurate rephrasing into your own words without clear quotations and links to sources.

Timezone vs sdwdate
sdwdate is mostly unrelated. It can operate independently of system timezone setting. It is a time synchronization daemon. It does not alter the system timezone.

Documented just now:
sdwdate: Secure Distributed Web Date chapter sdwdate vs Tor in Kicksecure wiki

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

awesome thank you buddy