Is using Whonix on virtualbox safe?

Please forgive my noob question, but I was reading that using Tails on VB is not safe because it can leak cached images/info to your host HDD. is this the case with whonix too?

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Not really. Whonix has been designed to be used inside virtual Environments and actually Profits from it. More regarding this is actually on our main wiki page: Whonix ™ Documentation

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Yes, I read that, but it doesn’t really state wether or not it saves cache to my host HDD. can someone elaborate?

There is no way to stop applications on an OS from writing to swap, thats why we recommend full disk encryption. If amnesic properties is what you need then use TAILS.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

and why just don’t use live-build cd under a VM, than TAILS with unsecured iptables? which way disk encrypt should help, thermo-rectal cryptoanalize such as iron decrypts any))) or it will not write decrypted data in swap?

for any serious work you should use at least dedicated HDD, while another one disabled on host OS or even BIOS bus - and if it seems harmful so PC (but if worth nothin in front of dedicated internet lol), that’s okay… lol 8gb flash will fit basic OS with both WHX-Gateway and Workstation…

make your liveCD run with Gateway as it been TAILS and there should be safe to get what you want…

just in case of WHX, sure it’s Debian Linux in VM so it does. if there were smth make sense, delete VM and use 3x swiper in CCleaner for win, for linux don’t know alternatives, but they are)) VMDK is just an archive so you can open it with 7-zip and as your browser cache sure it may be deleted but present anyway…

so, there was an issue with found GOV exploit in RSA, as they reported - Oracle is well known with it client un-friendly policy, as even corp client databases were compromised - so even last shouted wannacry malware appeared in linux just in week ago then win - and if GOV have possibilities to build exploit in RSA so they able to make it with open-source mb…