Is Tor network under DDoS attack nowadays?

Tor has been working extremely slowly for the last 1-2 weeks already. It takes several minutes in order to download a simple webpage. I don’t know whether it’s a Whonix-specific issue or not, but I’ve tried several obfs4 bridges as entry nodes, but Tor is still working very slow.

There was a thread on r/TOR

and other users are also reporting they have issues with slow Tor connections. Can you confirm the issue?

Are DDoS attacks possible via TCP? Because I was only possible via UDP.
However, Tor works quite quickly for me and I also use Bridge.

Reddit users are reporting they have problems with Tor network speed. NTH Tor relay operator says it’s a massive attack against Tor relays nowadays.

There is a thread on Tor Project forum and people are confirming the issue. The problem is now marked as a bug:

What type of a pluggable transport are you using?

I’m using obfs4.

General Tor network question. Unspecific to Whonix.

Yes. TCP SYN flood attack can be performed.

Some of Tor relay operators have confirmed a DDoS attack against their nodes:

It means Tor infrastructure is under heavy DDoS attack these days.

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