Is there any ways to check which IP is connecting to whonix gateway?

Im currently using Qubes OS, im trying to make my traffic through VPN, for that i’ve created everything to make the VPN work. And its working fine luckily. I’ve created sys-vpn and put it between sys-firewall and other-vm/sys-whonix. I’ve followed micah’s mullvad vpn guides and many more threats from qubes os forum to make it work. The VPN is perfectly working whenever im checking the ip and stuff. And when i disconnect it, the connection is literally cutting off as expected, same goes with normal browser as well as whonix/tor, connection is cutting off means VPN or the tunnel is working.

But im not 100% sure that the whonix traffic is coming through my VPN server instead of real IP, so the thing i just wanna check or know IS THERE ANY WAY TO CHECK WHAT’S THE IP ADDRESS WHONIX IS BEING CONNECTED TO AT FIRST? connecting to my real ip or vpn server ip.


Logging into Captive Portals‎ chapter Unsafe Browser in Whonix wiki

What does the clearnet meant there? the surface web? to check my actual ip or the ip is connecting before Tor (VPN server ip)?

So in this case to download Firefox to browse surface web and put my all traffic through my Real/VPN ip instead of tor (in this firefox obviously)? However, whatever the reason is, there’s no connection in firefox, so the reason could be VPN’s kill-switch. There’s no connection because its coming through Real IP or something?

Clearnet might mean different things in different contexts but in this context it means browsing the normal internet.

Following these instructions you can access the normal internet from inside Whonix-Gateway.

With this complexity even the term “normal internet” might be confusing. If using Qubes, Whonix-Gateway would use whatever Whonix-Gateway’s (sys-whonix) dom0 Net Qube setting is. If it’s sys-vpn and functional (not leaking) then it’s the VPN’d internet connection.

While these instructions are probably fine, just come to mind that these alternative instructions might be simpler:
Troubleshooting - Whonix chapter Clearnet Connectivity Test in Whonix wiki

You can use:

    1. some-VM → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net
    1. sys-whonix → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net

In both based the VM be it some-VM or sys-whonix must use the sys-vpn. With some-VM it’s trivial to start a web browser such as Firefox and visit some IP check website. With Whonix-Gateway that’s a bit harder - you need to follow above instructions but once you do it’s really the same.

There is much less “magic” than often assumed.

Firefox alone doesn’t equal surface net. It depends in which VM and how that VM is configured.
For example, running Firefox inside Whonix-Workstation is still over Tor even though not recommended for unrelated reasons (see Tor Browser Essentials).

Making any external connections run from inside for example let’s say Whonix-Gateway terminal is always “difficult”. That’s because Whonix-Gateway “usually” isn’t used to make any connections without Tor. To do connection tests, you need to look up documentation (or re-invent or something, have deep knowledge of Linux networking). Since it’s documented that’s doable.