is there an easy way to change the vpn @Gateway

i am followed this instructions: Connecting to a VPN before Tor
to install the VPN in the gateway. All works fine.

Is there an easy way to switch between different VPNs ? I have a list with 7 VPN and sometimes i want to switch to on another vpn from this list.

Another Querstion:
My VPN is auto startet with systemctl start openvpn@openvpn, how can i change the vpn who is auto startet?

Thanks for Help.

Hi WhoZero

This can be answered as per:

To get you started, you might want to investigate using symbolic links (man ln)

  • openvpn.conf (does not exist yet)
  • provider_1.conf ( actual config file. Has all configuration options that the openvpn.conf would have had. Be sure to create vpn.secrets file)
  • provider_2.conf (actual config file. create different vpn.secrets file)

Before starting openvpn@openvpn

Create configration file(s) and the symlink

cd /etc/openvpn/

sudo nano provider.conf

Add provider and Whonix TUNNEL_FIREWALL specific settings


sudo ln -s provider.conf openvpn.conf

Now start openvpn and Tor.

Switch providers

sudo unlink openvpn.conf

sudo ln -s provider_{1,2,3}.conf openvpn.conf

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sudo rm openvpn.conf

Maybe better sudo unlink openvpn.conf?

Thank you, i wil try this in the next days and give you response.