Is that possible with Whonix

Hi, I would like to deal with Whonix. Currently I have no experience with it.

But before I deal intensively with Wohnix, I would like to know in advance whether the following is possible:

By default:
User> TOR> VPN> Internet

This setting should work if none of the following settings are assigned to the VM:

And as an option:
User> TOR> VPN> Socks5 (A)> Internet (for VM1 & VM3)
User> TOR> VPN> Socks5 (B)> Internet (for VM2)
User> TOR> VPN> Socks5 ©> Internet (for dem0)
User> TOR> Internet (for VM4)
User> Directly to the Intenet (for VM5)
User> Socks5> Internet (D) (for VM6)
User> VPN> Internet (for VM7)

If I create now, for example, a new VM first accesses the default setting (User> TOR> VPN> Internet), unless I assign it to one of the settings.

Another question:

Can I also assign a special second rule for applications with Whonix? For example:

Main rule:
User> TOR> VPN> Socks5 (A)> Internet (for VM1 & VM3)
Second rule
VM1> Software A> TOR> VPN> Socks5 (B)> Internet
VM1> Software B> TOR> VPN> Socks5 ©> Internet
VM1> Software C> TOR> VPN> Socks5 ©> Internet
VM1> Software D> Internet
VM1> Software E> VPN> Internet

I do not need any step-by-step instructions first. Would only like to know if it is possible in principle. If possible, maybe a few keywords for which I could research.

Then I try to find out on my own. If I get stuck, I can still ask you for help.

I hope my english is understandable, otherwise Google Translate is to blame :slight_smile:

Hi Mega

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are asking. Some of your questions are Qubes specific (do not involve Whonix). Others are Qubes-Whonix specific. But to be clear you should not use clearnet and Tor at the same time.

You’re asking if it is possible to combine tunnels with Whonix. The anwser is yes. I can’t really comment any more than this because I don’t fully understand what you are asking. Many of the examples don’t include Whonix which could lead to misunderstanding.

Please read the Whonix tunnel documentation. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Keep in mind that arbitrarily adding tunnel-links does not necessarily increase security/anonymity. On the contrary, it can do the opposite.

I could provide keywords that you can use to find some answers or i can provide a single link where you can find most (if not all?) of your answers.

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Whonix only goes through Tor. You can add VPN / Proxies before or after Tor. Not as simple on/off switches but very doable. If you want clearnet this can of course be done in a separate VM but that will have nothing to do with Whonix.

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