Is Post-Quantum Cryptography possible in communication today?

It is possible to have a communication with a TOR entry/guard node that is protected with Post-Quantum encryption?.

I know it isn’t a real solution to the threat of quantum computers but it is better than nothing in some cases.

Tor doesn’t support post-quantum crypto.

But is it possible to have a connection with post-quantum encryption in general?. If it possible you can use a server with post-quantum encryption as a proxy you use to connect to the TOR network. The server can be located in a country that is less likely to record the traffic and decrypt it with quantum computer.
It isn’t a perfect solution but it is better than nothing if the gov in your particular country is following everyone.

Yes, many pqcrypto algorithms exist already https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-quantum_cryptography

So how I can use those algorithms to actually create a connection with a server?. The only thing I managed to find about actual online connection with PQC is a post-quantum VPN project on github

Find a program that implements it or create your own.

With traffic analysis applied on your decrypted non pq crypto traffic in the future, your 1 hop VPN will be pointless as they can see everything you requested going thru this single encrypted pipe you set up and there’s no one else besides you downloading stuff thru it.

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If a government in some particular country is recording all or most of the traffic of its citizens then it might be helpful to have a secure connection with a server in another country that is less likely to record your traffic.

This isn’t a perfect solution but something that can reduce the chance of your encrypted data being recorded by a gov that is passively recording the traffic of its citizens.

With web fingerprinting, they don’t need to decrypt your traffic to know what it was. Anonymity is more than encryption. Its about disguising traffic by mixing it and padding the streams. You have to be up against some very primitive adversary to use such a homebrew solution. Good luck.

From what I understood from my previous thread on this forum I can’t really hide the fact that I am using TOR anyway. I am more concerned about my traffic being stored and decrypted by anyone with quantum computer in the future.
So if having a secure connection with a server in another country significantly reduce the risk of my vulnerable traffic being recorded it is a nice solution for me.

Try mullvad VPN, they have server with Post-quantum encryption

Interesting find. I don’t endorse how they bolt these algos with wireguard and no independent audit has ever said they are using it safely however the interesting part is the backend tech. liboqs is a FLOSS implementation of many NIST candidates by Douglas Stebila, an Associate Professor of cryptography at the University of Waterloo. It provides pq for openssl and openssh using software.


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