Is my whonix download legit ?

I got whonix from their official website a year back and, my download seemed legit with the mouse photo and whonix logo, it looked exactly like the photos on whonix website. But due to some issues i had to erase everything on my machine and download others programs along with whonix again, however now i do not see the mouse photo in the center of the screen. I also noticed that the terminal along with other controls have been shifted at the top of the screen.

I also did a shasum 512 check for the download (Virtual box 256 shasum check) which assured me that it is legit but GNUPG check did not go through as on my host terminal i received an error that said “file or directory not found”

I also am not able to set disk to read only because the terminal comes back with an error message, so is something seriously wrong with this new download ?

That is a totally broken, insecure method of establishing authenticity. Visual styles can change over time and are trivially replicated by anyone. Even more trivially so since copy/paste. Let alone being Open Source. See also:

Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners - Kicksecure

For proper authentication check, see:

I recommend to learn basics of Linux, folder locations, gnupg… This is unspecific to Whonix. Make use of Free Support for Whonix ™.

Ambox warning pn.svg.png Do not continue if verification fails! This risks using infected or erroneous files! The whole point of verification is to confirm file integrity. This page is strongly related to the pages Placing Trust in Whonix ™ and Verifying Software Signatures.

Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners - Kicksecure

For that one, please try Utilize Search Engines and Documentation and then post the error message in an existing (if seems related) or new forum thread if needed.