Is it true that when you install a package on linux, your IP address is leaked? (example: using apt-get)

I was thinking of asking this on another forum, but I’m blocked by the Tor connection. I really like being able to use whonix to sign up here. I use whonix whenever I can, but there are times when I need to install packages on another machine and I get paranoid about doing it with the sys-firewall.

  • non-Qubes for example Debian: Upgrades by default are not over Tor. Since not over Tor, upgrade servers will see your IP address.
  • Qubes generally: Unless the user opt-ins to configure torified updates for Qubes Templates, all upgrades are without Tor as per Qubes default.
  • Qubes-Whonix: Qubes-Whonix Templates are upgraded over Tor by default.
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