Is it safe to use iGVT-g in whonix KVM

Hi all, I’ve been looking for a way to improve graphical performance in Whonix as despite turning the resolution way down (720p) It’s still struggling to render the basic desktop and you can forget about trying to play video.

The answers to this post Faster graphics in KVM guest - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange state that KVM doesn’t implement video pass through but that intel has a technology called iGVT-g which can be used to share the graphics of the host OS.

Can this tech be used without compromising the whonix security/privacy guarantees? If so are there any considerations I should make? and if that is not possible what should I do to improve graphics (the CPU usage for the VM is currently only ~10% despite it presumably being solely responsible for it’s graphics)

GPU passthrough has been around in KVM since forever.


You can enable 3D for virtio-gpu by following the instructions documented elsewhere on the web.